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HERMES boutique opening

view all photos On the 1st of November, the 1st GUM's line, the new Hermes boutique has opened its doors. The walls of the famous shop with a more than hundred years of history became a deserving decoration for the articles of the well-known French House.

The second Hermes boutique in Moscow occupies 250 sq.m. Its windows face the Red Square, three of which look the mausoleum. The interior architecture and decoration were charged to the Parisian architecture and design agency RDAI, whose leader is Renat Dumas. Her bureau is responsible for Hermes shops style all over the world.

«Every project begins not only with building's architecture survey. It is necessary to understand the country, city, definite street in order the inside interior became a logic conclusion of the begun way», — considers Renat Dumas. So the new Hermes boutique, as its numerous congeners, perfectly fits the surrounding architectural space.

Considering the prominent architectural monument's values, the RDAI agency carefully preserved the spirit of historical design in GUM's building: embrasures, seen from the streets, view of the existent arches and the entrance in shop from the inside gallery. Brick and stone lined wide surfaces, enclosed with arcades are shared inside in eight unequal volumes with arching ceilings. RDAI agency put this space organization in operation of fourteen crafts of the Hermes House, offering for each of it a worthy place.

In the shop's collection all the lines of the famous Parisian House will be presented: men and women clothes, shoes, leather articles, kerchiefs, ties, weekly diaries, head-dresses, enamel articles, jewelry, watches, equipment and accessories for riding, perfumery, home accessories, crockery.

The Hermes house was founded in 1837 and primary was known as saddle and horse gear producer. For the years, starting from the 19th century six generations of the experienced masters have broadened the assortment of the brand's production, so, conquered new markets. Using the richest past heritage and enthusiastically looking in future, they transmitted to their successors an infinite passion to perfection, beauty, House traditions and daring new forms searches.

The Hermes company is lead presently by Patrick Toma, having its creative directors the representatives of the 6th generation of the family Pierre-Alexie Dumas and Pascal Mussard.

The first Hermes store in Moscow was opened in December 2000. The 2nd boutique opening in 2007 demonstrates us the growing brand's popularity in Russia.
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